Find solutions through technology

Security, Software and Support

Do you need help making the right IT decisions?

Let’s talk about solutions.

Let’s talk about the ways that you can:

  • Increase revenue
  • Make your life easier
  • Build sustainable business practices
  • Stop talking about problems
  • Start working on your business

Technology can help you do all of those – but you need a trusted partner to advise you. This is where we come in.

Providing quality IT services.

Mawson Tech is a provider of quality Managed IT Services in the Darwin and Palmerston region. We provide small and medium business with high quality business solutions.

Solutions driven business partnership.

We are a solutions driven partner for your business. By applying our experience, knowledge, and core values, we will help you solve your problems and make your Information Technology work for you.

In the modern business, Information Technology is a powerful tool to streamline processes and grow your business.

We help with business growth.

We want to help you grow, because when you grow, we grow too. In fact, Mawson Tech are growth specialists.

We help you increase efficiency.

If you are an established business, we can help you streamline your processes, increasing your bottom line.

Our solutions

Remote working specialists

Empower your people to work from anywhere, home or office, whatever the circumstances.

Cyber security experts

Protect your company from cyber threats. Backup your files. Best in class antivirus and anti malware.

Collaboration and Communication

Make it easier for your customers to book or get in contact with you. Increase revenue and sales.

Everything Cloud

Power your business’s digital transformation – gain actionable data on your business, make better decisions backed by accurate data.

Digitisation of forms and processes

Reduce time spent on processing admin. Make your paper processes into digital forms. Add approval flows and notifications. Gain insight into bottlenecks and wastage.

Zero touch provisioning

Streamline your onboarding process, and remove the need for an IT pro to setup your devices. Your devices will set themselves up automatically. Available for Windows, iOS and Android.

Best in class remote support

Eliminate computer issues that waste your people’s time.

New business startup

Get your business started with a professional domain, email, file storage and communications.

Business websites

Build your brand awareness with a quality business website built with growth in mind.

Hardware sales

Stop going to retailers and buying the wrong computers. Buy your computers knowing that you are getting the right equipment.

Our three pillars

We classify our products into three pillars, to help you see how they will help your business.


Control the risk of a cyber incident with our easy to use security products. They leave you more safe and help your business operate with much lower risk.


Extend your premises beyond your office with advanced collaboration, cloud phone systems and remote working solutions.


Support your staff to thrive in your business environment with support products that let your people grow and work with less outages.

Our vendors and partners

Our partners benefit from our relationships with vendors and service providers, through which we can deliver our products and services.

Are you prepared for a cyber attack?

In Northern Australia, to mitigate the risk of tropical cyclones, businesses have plans on storing food for staff, to maintain generators to protect stock, and detailed steps on how to react when the risk realises. You cannot stop a tropical cyclone, and they can happen at nearly any time.

In the Digital Millennium, Cyber Attacks are the tropical cyclone. You cannot stop the attack.

The secret to defending your business is to determine what you will do when the cyber threat is realised. And this takes tools, and products, that Mawson Tech can provide to you. Tailored to your needs.