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What is Mawson Tech?

Mawson Tech is a premium provider of technology solutions in the Northern Territory. Our highly skilled and professional team are dedicated to the continuous improvement of your business IT, to make sure that you get the most value out of your technology.

Solutions driven business partnership.

We are a solutions driven partner for your business. By applying our experience, knowledge, and core values, we will help you solve your problems and make your Information Technology work for you.

We help with business growth.

We want to help you grow, because when you grow, we grow too. In fact, Mawson Tech are growth specialists.

We help you increase efficiency.

If you are an established business, we can help you streamline your processes, increasing your bottom line.

NDIS Providers, we want to help you!

We have developed specialised services for disability service providers in our region. We are here and ready to help.

Mobile Device Management

Technology: Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Mawson Tech are partnered with Microsoft to setup device management for your Mobile Phones and Tablets using the industry leading Microsoft Endpoint Manager software. Your company can fully manage Android and Apple devices at any location through this cloud based solution.

Computer Management

Technology: Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Remote Machine Management

Using the Microsoft Endpoint Manager software as well as Mawson Tech’s Remote Machine Management software, your company can install software, setup printers, enforce patches, and track devices running Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 11, or Linux.

Phone Systems

Technology: 3Cx, SIP, Yealink, 3CX App

By deploying a 3CX cloud phone system, your business will have a normal business phone number and make/receive calls to a physical phone, an app on your Windows laptop, or an app on your Android or Apple phone. You can transfer calls, setup inbound queues, automatically record calls and more, with a scalable solution.

Microsoft 365

Technology: Email, Teams, SharePoint, Office 365

Microsoft 365 SharePoint, Teams and Exchange is a powerful communication and collaboration platform that you can use to transform your business into a digital business development leader.