Christopher Frew, founder of Mawson Tech, with his daughter Penelope.

Quick history

Mawson Tech was founded in 2021 by Christopher Frew. After experiencing small and medium business IT services, then moving through senior security engineer to senior project engineer level as a government contractor, Christopher decided to start Mawson Tech to provide quality, enterprise level support to Darwin and Northern Territory businesses.

Our capability

Our partnerships and experience means we can provide all aspects of IT service management to small and medium business in the Northern Territory. Mawson Tech has key experience in the following areas:

  • Cloud Services
  • Azure
  • Microsoft 365
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Windows server, GNU+Linux, and other operating systems
  • Endpoint management
  • Application management, including complex distributed systems
  • Advanced scripting and automation
  • Contract management

And more!

Next Steps

In the next phase of Mawson Tech, we intend to provide hosted services to business needing extreme up time and data sovereignty.

We also want to move into the telecommunications space, understanding that there are shortfalls in the support for Telco’s that are currently available.


Core Values


When in doubt, simplify. This is the key ethos of Mawson Tech’s solutions. You, as the customer, should not need to be an expert to understand our offerings.


Simply, we want to be the best. We will not offer a product to tick the box. Our products will be the best in the industry, or we will not sell them.


Of course, we will ethically source our materials. However, we need to be sustainable as a company, to ensure that we have continuity. Our promise to you is that we will not over subscribe.

Company Philosophy

Mawson Tech delivers quality IT services through our three ‘Pillars’.




We believe that by categorising services into these three areas, and building all products as such, that great service can be provided through focus.