Why do I need Mobile Device Management?

You might have a laptop for each staff member. Maybe you give them a mobile phone. Or maybe you want your staff to use their own phone, called bring your own device (BYOD). If you use computing devices to manage company information, then you need some way to manage these devices.

Central Management

Imaging if you have 50 laptops in your business. Let’s say you need to install a piece of software on each of the devices. That could take over a week of full time work!

With Mobile Device Management, you can upload the software once, and let it install software automatically on all the managed devices. This includes iPhone Apps, or Android Apps, and even Windows apps.


If you let staff use their personal devices, then when they leave the company, or lose their phone, all that company data is out of your control. This is the case if you have unmanaged devices in use as well.

With Mobile Device Management, you can remotely wipe company data from your company staff’s personal phones, completely removing this risk. You can enforce the use of a PIN for a mobile, make sure that a computer is up to date, and block access from foreign countries.

What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile Device Management is a tool that lets you connect all of your devices to a central control. It lets you set settings on your devices and stop your users from changing them. It also lets you secure applications on devices that your company doesn’t own – for instance, company email in Outlook on your staff members phone.

What can Mawson Tech do?

Mawson Tech can setup a full Mobile Device Management system for your business, connect all your devices, and give you training on how to manage your devices. We can also manage your Mobile Device Management system for you for a reasonable price.

Get in touch now to talk to our business team about how we can help you.

Did you know?

Mawson Tech uses Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Apple Business Manager and Apple Configurator to manage iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows and Android devices in a single system.