How much impact would a cyber attack have on your business?

Imagine you come in to the office to find that your email has been hacked. All of your customers are being spammed with malware from your email, and to make it worse, your systems have all been locked out.

What is your next step?

The next step is to follow your incident response plan. This is a detailed, step by step action list, showing the steps that you need to take to fix your security issue.

Hopefully, your security systems have picked up the issue before it becomes a breach. Investing in strong security systems can help protect your data and ultimately your business from the threat of cyber attacks.

Managed Detection and Response

Managed Detection and Response is a security feature that reports suspicious actions that programs take to a security operations team, who then alert the IT Service Provider if the actions are bad. This detection system is the cutting edge of security which makes sure that zero day and targeted attacks cannot breach your defenses.

Email Phishing, spam, malware protection

The first line of defence for your business. Protect your email with advanced email protection, to stop threats before they enter your inbox.

Cloud Identity Protection

Block malicious sign ins from foreign countries. Prevent users from logging in from non-managed devices. Stop hackers from guessing passwords with Multi Factor Authentication.

Advanced Antivirus

If a threat reaches your computer, protect your files with advanced antivirus. The antivirus stops known threats in their tracks, locking down the malware before it infects your system.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Analyse your computer programs and their activities, to determine what actions are authorised and which are not. This system is targeting zero day attacks that the anti-virus is not effective against.

Secure Web Gateway

Monitor and log internet use by the computer, and prevent malicious websites from being accessed. Mitigate insider risk and prevent data exfiltration.


Step 1 of your recovery plan should be to check your backups. Backups are the crucial component of all risk mitigation. We offer Cloud, Endpoint, Server and application backups.

Automatic Patching

Make sure your computers are protected by enforcing updates on your computers no matter of the network they are connected to.

Mobile Device Management

Manage your mobile devices. Wipe company data from employee owned devices. Lock down access when required. Compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad and iOS.

Single Sign On

Take control of your company accounts and prevent data loss by implementing Single Sign On for your services.