Certified Service M8 Partner

We offer setup packages, modifications, and custom code integrations.

What Is ServiceM8?

ServiceM8 is a field service management app which empowers small business to thrive.

It combines best-in-class technology, the power of the cloud, and smart job management systems and processes. With powerful communication, job dispatch, quoting and invoicing capability, and real-time visibility on job status and staff location in the field, ServiceM8 streamlines the way trades and services businesses get work, complete work, and get paid.

ServiceM8 is designed to be used by everyone in your business, from each individual field staff member, to back office staff, through all levels of management. It is simple and effective, and best of all, it’s available anywhere, anytime.

What can ServiceM8 do for my business?

ServiceM8 can help you keep track of your jobs, manage your employees, perform your billing. It does this by getting rid of all the paper that you used to use to manage your business and moves all that work into one dedicated platform. It can help you with better data so you can tell at a glance how your business is doing at any point in time.

When is ServiceM8 a good fit for my business?

If you are a company that has up to 20 employees, and you perform over 2 jobs a week, then ServiceM8 can be a good fit. If you tend to do longer projects or have more employees, then ServiceM8 may not be the best choice. Contact us to have a chat if you’re not sure.

Our ServiceM8 Setup Packages

Why choose Mawson Tech as your ServiceM8 partner?

Certified Partner

Mawson Tech has done the training to be a certified ServiceM8 partner, meaning that we know how to use ServiceM8 to it’s best potential in your business.

Local provider

Mawson Tech is in the local Darwin area, which means it’s easier to get someone to help you right away. And we just ‘get it’!

Integration setup

Mawson Tech can provide integrations into ServiceM8 for your software. Contact us for a chat about how we can help you use ServiceM8 to it’s full capacity.