What can the right technology do for your business?

Your technology is the most important investment you can make right now. If you don’t have the right systems for your staff, you will always be struggling to hit your performance targets.

Empower your business to make secure steps towards the future. Technology is a tool that you can use to make more output out of less input. That’s why we call technology a ‘Force Multiplier’.

Are you a Technology Consumer or a Technology Producer?

A Technology Consumer will only meet the bare minimum. They have found out that the modern business world requires them to have an email, but that’s about it.

A Technology Producer knows more. They know that with the right technology, their staff are more efficient. They make more from less. A Producer will invest into their technology, knowing that they will see returns.

Cloud Print Management

Say good bye to printer issues! Cloud printer management solves your printer problems with a unified software that connects your staff to your printers, manages their secure printing, reports on printer usage and more. Cloud Print Management is the future of printing.

Microsoft Office

As a Microsoft Partner, and with the right software distributor partners, Mawson Tech can provide Microsoft Office as you need, when you need it. Excel, Word, Outlook and Powerpoint are key business technologies, and Mawson Tech can supply these tools to your business.


Email and Advanced Collaboration

Provide your staff with the best in class email service, Microsoft Exchange Online on Microsoft 365. Experience the best of the industry with quality webmail, practically unlimited storage, top level security and more. Then move your processes to Microsoft Teams, the best collaboration platform on the market.

Cloud Company Drive and Intranet

No more file server, and no more VPN. No more word documents and printed checklists. Move to the modern experience with a Sharepoint company drive and Intranet, and let your people thrive.

Phone Systems

Sick of carrying a wireless handset to your boss every time someone needs to talk with them? Do you have isssues with phone reliability? Talk to Mawson Tech about their cloud phone systems, and their premium Teams calling option.


.com.au Domain Names

Register and manage your business domain with Mawson Tech and rest easy knowing your company has it’s domain with a trusted wholesale provider.

Website Hosting

Mawson Tech can provide secure, scalable website hosting using top industry solutions cPanel, WordPress and Drupal, including setup and migration services.