More than just phone support

The right support from your IT provider is crucial to the success of your business. Can you afford your knowledge workers to be offline?

Set goals and achieve them

How do you keep track of your IT projects? Do you have the correct reporting for your executive team? How do you really know your profitability if you are not tracking how much down time is costing you?

Empower your staff to eliminate waste

Your staff deserve the best support possible, so they can achieve their goals. Help your people to succeed by choosing Mawson Tech’s support offerings.

Budgeting, Strategy and Forecasting

You need to know where you stand, and you need to know what is next. Strategic planning is hard, and IT is not your business area. Let Mawson Tech sit with you in scheduled meetings and discuss your business needs, help you with your roadmap and find out what is coming up. Quarterly executive level meetings to discuss your IT strategy.

Remote Support

World class, industry leading remote support, using the finest technology tools and proper IT service management. Say good bye to expensive idle time and sign up for Mawson Tech remote support today.

Security Awareness Training

Support your staff and help them understand the IT security world with Mawson Tech delivered Security Awareness Training. Delivered on site or in virtual meetings, with quality materials and a wealth of knowledge.

Asset Management

Tired of dealing with broken computers, old monitors, and mismatched peripherals? Let Mawson Tech manage your refresh cycle and spare parts.

IT Projects

Project Management in Information Technology is hard. Mawson Tech has experience delivering large scale IT projects for some of the biggest enterprises in Australia. Mawson Tech IT Project management for small and medium business is focused on setting goals and managing delivery.


Monitor your servers, your endpoints, your network, even your website. Monitor your cloud applications and see their uptime. Monitoring is the first step into ensuring your business IT is functioning.

Knowledge Base

Provide your staff with a self service portal containing quick tips and self support for your business applications and other services.