What is Microsoft 365?

In the past, to start a business, you would invest in a server, that would also cost money in maintenance, and need to be replaced every few years. Not anymore! Microsoft 365 is a set of cloud services from Microsoft that deliver everything you need to run a modern business, including:

  • Identity
  • Security
  • Business Process Automation
  • Instant Messaging
  • Email
  • Intranet
  • Document Management

Microsoft 365 is licensed per user and can be subscribed to on a month-to-month basis, or annually. Usually, it might make more sense for a smaller company to license annually, but once they start growing, to add some monthly licenses to maintain flexibility.

As a Microsoft Partner, Mawson Tech can help your business implement all aspects of Microsoft 365 and make sure that you are getting the maximum value out of your licenses. To learn more about Microsoft 365 and how it can help your business succeed, get in touch, or read on to learn more.

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory is a central place to put all of your employees, manage their account details and passwords, and integrate with your business applications. It’s the key part of the solution and makes sure your system is secure and well designed.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a workplace instant messaging and collaboration tool that users can use to communicate with their collegues, hold voice calls, video conferences, collaborate on documents, and more.

You can hold video conferences with third parties, present documents, hold virtual events.

Microsoft Forms

Forms is a tool that lets you easily build complex forms and publish them to your employees, as well as external users.

Forms build with Microsoft Forms integrate to your other systems and can be used to trigger Microsoft Flow. 

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is a fantastic business document management system, and is a great place to start your company Intranet.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is the best in class email tool used by nearly every company to manage their email.

Microsoft Flow

Flow is a business process automation tool that you can use to standardise and automate requests internally and externally.

Did you know?

Mawson Tech is a Microsoft Partner, and their team members have experience managing Microsoft 365 systems for the largest enterprise in the Northern Territory, the Northern Territory Government.